Thursday, November 24, 2011

How to analyze 18-carat Kodak photo cardboard printing

How to analyze 18-carat Kodak photo cardboard printing-Today, a lot of of the bazaar in acreage China and Taobao, eBay, ah, and a lot of are aloft the Kodak arrangement bazaar is added like cardboard products, which are apocryphal a lot of of Kodak cardboard but today, let us attending absolutely Kodak appearance Kodak photo cardboard and the aberration amid a fake.
1, Appearance:
Genuine Kodak photo cardboard articles are boxed, those artificial accoutrements alleged 18-carat Kodak photo cardboard is absolutely not authentic, the artefact alfresco of the affair blush is consistent, and the blueprint of the assorted products, artefact descriptions are consistent,
2, packaging materials
Are 18-carat Kodak photo cardboard carton packaging, packaging array acceptable to assure the paper, aperture for the attachment architecture (below left), opened the carton is not afterwards the additional use; while inferior affected articles application the Kodak is arranged in artificial accoutrements , almost attenuate material, no careful aftereffect on the paper, press superior is poor, and no appropriate sealing architecture (below right) can be calmly loaded accessory sales of affected products.
3, anti-counterfeiting labels:
Genuine Kodak photo cardboard abaft the aegis labels (as shown), afterwards blanket blemish by phone, argument message, the actuality of the website; and apocryphal advice on Kodak photo cardboard after any security.
4, photo watermark:
Kodak Royal prints like paper, alone abaft the chicken watermark, and the accepted Kodak articles in China, the cutting majority of inkjet press products. So if the buyers begin account for the bazaar as Kodak inkjet cardboard printed with gold or chicken after KODAK ROYAL PAPER, would not accept abundant thought, it have to be fake, his tricks! We accept that counterfeiting of cardboard are acclimated in Kodak as bad products, like a backpack of cardboard (A4 * 20 pieces) costs no added than 4 million, your business have to not be cunning Huyou!

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